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Seven Lakes Landowners Association Aquatic Vegetation Treatment Philosophy
Posted on May 10th, 2019

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Seven Lakes Landowners Association Aquatic Vegetation Treatment Philosophy
SLLA Lakes and Dams Committee, along with Foster Lake and Pond Management, Inc., have worked together to design and implement a customized strategy for nuisance aquatic vegetation control for SLLA.  SLLA understands the lakes are used for multiple recreational activities including fishing, boating, and swimming. 
Over the last two growing seasons, our focus has been to address aquatic vegetation that may inhibit recreational activities and specifically those species that have been designated as invasive in North Carolina.   In 2018, members of SLLA Lakes and Dams rode with FLPM during service visits in order to observe aquatic vegetation growth first hand.  These observations have allowed SLLA Lakes and Dams to provide feedback to FLPM and devise a clear directive for ongoing aquatic vegetation control. 
Please note, FLPM only “spot-treats” aquatic vegetation.  Aquatic algaecide and herbicide applications are isolated to areas where infestation levels are deemed “treatable”.   As such, FLPM has been directed to allow aquatic vegetation in the middle of coves to grow undisturbed in order to provide natural fish habitat.
FLPM will coordinate with SLLA Lakes and Dams if aquatic vegetation starts to reach thresholds in these areas that require treatment.  FLPM will continue to provide detailed reports of observations and treatments following each service visit. 
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