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Vote “YES” to Approve the $67 Dues Increase for 2019
Posted on Jan 28th, 2019

Vote “YES” to Approve the $67
Dues Increase for 2019
The Facts:
•Since 2014, total operating costs are +14%, consistent with inflation rates, while dues have risen less than 5%  - This is not sustainable.
•Maintenance of our aging infrastructure including 27 miles of roads, 8 dams, 15 buildings, all recreational facilities, all common green space, and the yard waste site has increased 28% since 2014. Maintenance is the key driver of the overall 14% increase.
•As more people join our community full-time, there is more “wear & tear” on the assets listed above and repairs and replacements will continue to be necessary.
The Near-Term Benefits:
•The proposed 6.3% increase of $67 in 2019, and 2.5% ($28-$33)  in subsequent years will ensure our infrastructure is well maintained and our amenities like the pool, stable, and fireworks continue to be a part of what makes our community so special.
•The increase will also fund improvements to security with additional CCTV and lighting coverage in common areas to deter costly vandalism which has escalated in recent years.
•Additionally, the increase will fund special projects to help our community transition from second home to full-time homeowner status and better meet the needs of all ages, all year round. 
The Long-Term Benefits:
•The most important long-term benefit is increasing the value of your home – The better Seven Lakes is financially and operationally, the more desirable it, and your home, become.
What’s at Stake:
•A “NO” vote puts all of the above benefits at risk. We can no longer “kick the can down the road” without negative consequences.

Attached is the link to the  Dues Increase Vote YES audio PowerPoint presentation. (20 min video).
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