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About the Community
Welcome to the Seven Lakes Landowners’ Association website…
Please explore the features and information available to the public on this site. This site serves the community and is your resource for information about Board of Director and Committee meetings, decisions concerning the community, and community activities.
About the Community
Seven Lakes Landowners Association is a 1,545-acre, gated, golf and recreation community located in West End, North Carolina 27376.  The Seven Lakes Landowners Association (SLLA) North & South consists of 1,509 lot owners, many amenities including seven recreational lakes, which are ideal for boating and swimming activities.
The SLLA is a Homeowners’ Association. The governance, business, and community activities of the Association are defined by: NC State Statutes, Property Deeds & Plats and SLLA’s Governing Documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Resolutions & Policies). All property owners within the subdivision are members of the Association and as such are subject to annual assessments.  SLLA is responsible for maintaining common area infrastructure within the community. This includes front gates, roads, lakes, common area landscaping, dams, clubhouse, community pool, stables, pocket parks, mail stations, debris site and other facilities. Water, fire and police services are provided by Moore County and regional utilities. West End is an unincorporated community in Moore County, North Carolina.
Seven Lakes Golf Club
What was once known as the “hidden gem”” in the Sandhills of North Carolina is now the “polished jewel” that encourages all avid golfers to put on your “Bucket List”. Located approximately 10 miles from the Village of Pinehurst, the Seven Lakes Golf Club offers everything the discerning golfer could want and more. Designed by Peter Tufts III in 1976, as one of this areas masterpiece layouts.
Our climate is mild year-round with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is 60°F, which is higher than the North Carolina average temperature of 58°F.
To learn more about Seven Lakes Landowners, please contact the Association Office.
Association Front Desk
Phone: 910-673-4931
Fax: 910-673-3529
Community Manager -  Jeanette Mendence
Assistant Community Manager - Erika Terziu
ARB Administration  - Alice McPheeters
Stables Manager - Sam Baker
North & South Entry Gates
The Seven Lakes Landowners front gates are restricted access gates. The North Gate is manned 24/7 and the South Gate is manned from 7 AM to 6:30 PM.
Universal Protection Services is a contracted service providing roving patrol, gate staff and boat patrol
Roving Patrol (special request - non emergency)
North Gate

South Gate

 If you have an emergency call 911.  An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment, which requires urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation. For Fire, Police, or Medical Emergencies (EMS) Call:  911, Non-Emergency Sheriff’s Office: 910-947-2931