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Attention:  The SLLA office is closed.  Due to the Coronavirus. The office staff will be working, to keep the association running smoothly.   All forms are available on our website under the forms section.    All ARB, Boat registrations, Golf cart registrations, and Ballots (for the board and budget) can be dropped in the dropbox on our front porch, emailed to, or faxed to (910) 673-3529.   If you have any questions, please call the office (910) 673-4931.
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The slate of candidates for the 2020 SLLA Board of Directors election
We are pleased to have a well-qualified slate of candidates for the 2020 SLLA Board of Directors election. There are (4) candidates up for election to fill (3) two-year terms. 

Here are the biographies for the slate of candidates for the 2020 SLLA Board of Directors election. 
Andrew Augustyniak Bio

My name is Andrew Augustyniak. I was born and raised in Central New Jersey before moving to North Carolina. I moved to Seven Lakes in November 2018, but before I lived in Watauga County for six years. I am a graduate of Appalachian State University holding a Master’s degree in Romance Language and Linguistics, as well as two Bachelor’s degrees in French & Francophone studies, and Global Studies. This has given me a wide global perspective interacting and connecting with several people from various backgrounds. 
In my spare time, I enjoy singing with Moore County Choral Society and also engaging with my church family as a member of Chapel in the Pines. I enjoy playing piano, home improvement projects, and automotive motoring hobbies as well.
I have worked in the convenience store industry for the past 10 years and currently work as a District Manager of 11 convenience stores spanning from Asheboro to the SC border. Through this role and others that I’ve held in the same industry, I have gained expertise managing over 100 individuals while assuring financial success, creating innovation and embracing change in an ever-changing environment, meeting established standards, and most importantly, serving the community and customers who visit my locations.
Since moving into our community, I believe it is truly a hidden gem of peacefulness and friendliness and my goal is to play a part in leading Seven Lakes forward. While it is valuable to honor standards and proven measures of success, I aim to make a special point to best represent as many voices in our diverse community as possible.  
With my experience in management, business, international relations, and customer service, I will show my dedication to our community members by listening to all concerns, feedback, and suggestions to help us embrace change and, as previously mentioned, continue moving forward through making responsible and representative decisions. As an example, I desire to create an additional platform for residents to comfortably express any concerns, with board members being able to acknowledge and respond. This will assist in having concerns addressed in a proper manner. As an additional measure, I aim to help share information discussed by the board to more residents in the community through various means such as additional online forms of outreach, and the ability to vote through electronic polling. This way, we may reach more the voices and opinions within our community. As a final example, our community is beautiful, I desire to make the best choices to preserve our natural beauty and prestige of Seven Lakes, including the all facilities, roads, and amenities.
We are such a welcoming and warm community. I strive to make my addition to our board of directors a valuable, new perspective to keeping Seven Lakes the most appealing community to thrive in the area.
Danny Bowers Bio
Born in Charlotte NC, we have lived in 7 Lakes North since 2015 and prior to that we owned a lot on the South side from 2007 until we bought on the North side.
I have owned and operated multiple businesses, including Lakehouse Bar & Grill right here in 7 Lakes. My wife and I also own Small Animal Emergency Services in Vass. It has been open since 2006.
I was on the 7 Lakes Business Guild for 7 years, including being president for 3 years. I helped put on Chili Cook offs to raise money to repair the roads. I put together the MacKensie Mills Concert to raise money and multiple concerts for Back Pack Buddies (a non-profit for school children).
I love and care for this community and want to do all I can to see it remain a wonderful place to live.
Kim Doolittle Bio 
My name is Kim Doolittle, and my wife Valerie and I moved to Seven Lakes North in November 2015, after spending most of my life in the snowbelt of upstate NY. 
I have recently retired from my position as an Associate Partner with IBM, where I was a consultant in their Global Business Services group.  Through my 40+ years in consulting, I have helped most of the Fortune 100 corporations improve their operations through optimizing their financial and supply chain operations, and I bring that experience to my role on the Board at Seven Lakes.
As the current Treasurer of the Board, I look forward to the opportunity to continue to keep our community improving, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.  Over the past year, we have been primarily focused on getting our financials in good shape, and as of last November, we have finally been able to resolve all the outstanding financial issues from the past several years.  In addition, we have been able to provide funding for lake and dam repairs for Lake Sequoia, engaging a certified Dam Engineer to do an assessment of all the dams in the community, renegotiated our contract with CAS to provide lower cost over the next 3 years, and launched many smaller projects to maintain and upgrade our community facilities.
With the budget proposal for the upcoming year, we continue to provide for catch-up maintenance, and have provided for the anticipated state mandate to provide a mechanism to draw down Lake Sequoia prior to significant rain events.  In addition, we will be providing the community an opportunity to vote on whether or not we should enter into a longer-term agreement with Spectrum for internet and TV service at significantly reduced rates.  I hope this will be the first of a number of areas where we have the ability to use the combined buying power of the community to provide savings for the community.  With your support, I’m hoping we can continue to improve our community while keeping the costs to the community members reasonable.

Steve Sikes Bio 

My name is Steve Sikes. My wife, Deb Sikes, and I are native Texans.  We have two adult boys, one in Ohio and one in Texas.  We also have two granddaughters and a third one due in February.  We purchased our home in Seven Lakes 2 ½ years ago, visiting here for approximately 1 year before moving here in the summer of 2018.   

I have a BBA in Management and have worked in the insurance industry for 32 years.  I worked as an auto and home owners’ claims adjuster in various parts of Texas. During my career, I also served as a trainer for new and struggling adjusters with an emphasis on customer service skills.  In addition, I helped form a new inside claims department for handling claims over the phone while at Allstate Insurance. After moving to Seven Lakes, we purchased the local FedEx Authorized Ship center and formed Pack, Ship ‘N Moore.

I believe that Seven Lakes has a great future as a destination community for retirees and working couples alike.  I want to use my experience in community teamwork to assist our residents in matters that arise within our community.   I have previously served the community of Grand Saline, Texas as a two-term city Councilman, serving as mayor pro tem during my second term. During these two terms, I was involved in the hiring process of a new police chief and helped to prepare 2 annual budgets for the city.  I also assisted in major issues such as failing infrastructures in the city, water system issues due to aging water towers, and a much-needed emergency warning system. I will use this practical experience while making sound decisions for the betterment of our community, I will thoughtfully consider the viewpoints of our members as well as the overall needs of our community to make decisions that help lead our community toward progress and improvements that enhance the living environment of the Seven Lakes community.

 As a resident of Seven Lakes South, it is my goal to provide representation for Seven Lakes South on the association board.  My goals, however, are to make improvements that will assist all citizens of our community.  These goals include assisting the community to grow in a responsible way to enable us to continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, a safe environment, services and activities, a small- town neighborly atmosphere.  With these goals, I feel we can continue to grow in ways that will increase our property values and community satisfaction.

Thank you for considering me as part of your board! I hope you will honor me with the opportunity to serve our wonderful and beautiful community in the Sandhills of North Carolina. 
Sip & Paint Event 
20 participants, lots of hidden talent, a fun evening!!!
Be a part of the solution. Volunteer your talents to the community by serving on the SLLA Board.
If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, please contact the Seven Lakes Landowners Association Office or Heather Guild, Chairman of the Nominating Committee at
Yard Debris hours
Tuesday & Wednesday 2:30 pm -7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm  
We are hoping this list of spring clean-up reminders will help you have a great looking home and yard while being in compliance with the SLLA Rules & Regulations.


Dispose of leaves, pinecones, and branches. Trim overgrown bushes, trees and ground cover. Remove dead or diseased plants and trees. Add fresh pine straw where needed.

Rake pine straw and leaves from driveway. Remove any weeds, grass, and moss. Repair ruts in the driveway. Add bluestone to gravel driveways where needed. Pressure wash concrete driveways & sidewalks.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Remove pine straw from the roof to help prevent mildew. Check the house for mold and mildew, pressure wash where needed. Touch up paint on the house where needed. Repaint house if applicable (ARB approval required). Repair shutters, windows, doors, and other areas.

Repair or remove fences in poor condition, screen garbage cans, propane tanks and equipment.
Seven Lakes Residents if you see any potholes, please email:
Committee Chairs
Heather Guild, Recreation
Kim Doolittle, Finance
Conrad Meyer, Facilities & Grounds
Rod Ansley, Security
Bob Racine, Community Standards & Judicial
Dr. Ann Turner, Architectural Review Board
Bruce Runyan, Lakes and Dams