2018/19 Remaining Schedule
Volunteers Wanted
2018-2019 Boat Registration form
Golf Cart Form 2018-2019
2019 Annual Report
Ballot Results
Heather Guild 366
Jared Fravel 357
Robert Racine 307
Bruce Runyan 301
$67.00 dues increase results
1/3 of the population
$ 67.00 dues increased past 
334 Yes  292 No
2019-2020   Board of Directors
Rod Ansley, President
Bob Racine, Vice President
Kim Doolittle, Treasurer
Heather Guild, Secretary
Committee Chairs
Heather Guild, Recreation
Kim Doolittle, Finance
Jared Fravel, Facilities & Grounds
Rod Ansley, Security
Bob Racine, Community Standards & Judicial
Dr. Ann Turner, Architectural Review Board
Bruce Runyan, Lakes and Dams