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About the Community
Seven Lakes Landowners Association is a 1,545-acre, gated, golf and recreation community located in West End, North Carolina 27376.  The Seven Lakes Landowners Association (SLLA) North & South consists of 1,509 lot owners, many amenities including seven recreational lakes, which are ideal for boating and swimming activities.
The SLLA is a Homeowners’ Association. The governance, business, and community activities of the Association are defined by: NC State Statutes, Property Deeds & Plats and SLLA’s Governing Documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Resolutions & Policies). All property owners within the subdivision are members of the Association and as such are subject to annual assessments.  SLLA is responsible for maintaining common area infrastructure within the community. This includes front gates, roads, lakes, common area landscaping, dams, clubhouse, community pool, stables, pocket parks, mail stations, debris site and other facilities. Water, fire and police services are provided by Moore County and regional utilities. West End is an unincorporated community in Moore County, North Carolina.
 A Deed Restricted Community
Thank you for choosing Seven Lakes Landowners Association (SLLA), as your home.  We are pleased to welcome you to our community! As stated on your warranty deed, your property in Seven Lakes is subject to the Declarations of Restrictions, Conditions, Easements, Covenants, Agreements, Liens, and Charges for SLLA, Inc. It is your responsibility as a member of our community to make certain that your property complies with the restrictive covenants. A homeowner’s support of the Seven Lakes restrictive covenants will insure that your property maintains its value.

Before you build, buy or rent, you should be aware Seven Lakes Landowners is a Deed-Restricted Community.  These covenants help to protect property values and the quality of life for residents of this community. SLLA is in charge of enforcement of the deed restrictions and has an active Architectural Design Review Committee. 
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                Address: 143 Shenandoah W.

                      West End, NC 27376


Phone #: 910-673-4738

Please leave a message if we can’t get to the phone right away. We will call you back as soon as we can. Thanks!


Hours: (Closed Monday’s)

10:00AM-6:00PM during week

10:00AM-5:00PM during weekend

Starting June 4th, summer hours will be seasonal from 8:00AM-3:00PM



Stable Fees, effective  03/01/2016


Guest  of Member

20 minute pony ride



30 minute pasture ride



1 hr guided trail ride



30 minute basic group lesson



1 hr advanced group lesson



1 hr advanced group lesson (package of   4)




  • Camp outside
  • Trail Ride during weekends
  • Lessons during week
Recent News
Golf Cart parking now available at Lake Sequoia!
Posted on Aug 30th, 2018 Comments (0)
 Golf Cart parking now available at Lake Sequoia!
Seeking community vigilance following acts of vandalism to SLLA Property
Posted on Jul 12th, 2018 Comments (0)
Seeking community vigilance following acts of vandalism to SLLA Property.
Seven Lakes Landowners Association is concerned about criminal acts and vandalism that affect public assets.
We are all too familiar with damage to public buildings, street furniture and signage, and, playgrounds.
If you witness any act of vandalism:  report it immediately to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office at 910-947-2931 and to SLLA Security.
At all times, any comment on criminal investigations should, of course, be directed to the Police.
Residents are also reminded to report any information to Seven Lakes Landowners Association which provides information leading to the conviction of an offender for malicious damage to, or stealing of, SLLA property.
Email: sevenlakes@ncrrbiz.com for general inquiries about the initiative and to report damage to public facilities.
Posted on Jul 9th, 2018 Comments (0)

Seven Lakes Landowners Association HAS FISH FOOD FOR SALE at the Landowner’s office!

$2.00 for each bag.

Please do not feed stray dogs, feral cats or wild animals!
Posted on Jul 9th, 2018 Comments (0)

Please do not feed stray dogs, feral cats or wild animals!  These animals are a nuisance to your neighbors and are very likely not vaccinated against rabies they are a danger to you and your pets. Please help us by immediately reporting stray dogs, feral cats, and unusual wildlife behavior, by calling Animal Control at (910) 947-4699. 

Starting this year you can mail in your boat registration
Posted on Mar 12th, 2018 Comments (0)


Requirements for Registering a Boat


  • Individual must be a Member of SLLA and current on all assessments due to SLLA on all lots owned.
  • Copy of proof of ownership (Title/Bill of Sale) on all new vessels being registered showing make, model#, and serial #.
  • Proof of liability insurance for all powerboats and sailboats.
  • Insurance must be in the name of the member and include boat description(s).
  • All boats must be registered, or listed with the front gate, prior to entering the community; regardless of whether they are allowed or intended to be used on the lake.
Here is the link to the form:
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