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About the Community
Seven Lakes Landowners Association is a 1,545-acre, gated, golf and recreation community located in West End, North Carolina 27376.  The Seven Lakes Landowners Association (SLLA) North & South consists of 1,509 lot owners, many amenities including seven recreational lakes, which are ideal for boating and swimming activities.
The SLLA is a Homeowners’ Association. The governance, business, and community activities of the Association are defined by: NC State Statutes, Property Deeds & Plats and SLLA’s Governing Documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Resolutions & Policies). All property owners within the subdivision are members of the Association and as such are subject to annual assessments.  SLLA is responsible for maintaining common area infrastructure within the community. This includes front gates, roads, lakes, common area landscaping, dams, clubhouse, community pool, stables, pocket parks, mail stations, debris site and other facilities. Water, fire and police services are provided by Moore County and regional utilities. West End is an unincorporated community in Moore County, North Carolina.
 A Deed Restricted Community
Thank you for choosing Seven Lakes Landowners Association (SLLA), as your home.  We are pleased to welcome you to our community! As stated on your warranty deed, your property in Seven Lakes is subject to the Declarations of Restrictions, Conditions, Easements, Covenants, Agreements, Liens, and Charges for SLLA, Inc. It is your responsibility as a member of our community to make certain that your property complies with the restrictive covenants. A homeowner’s support of the Seven Lakes restrictive covenants will insure that your property maintains its value.

Before you build, buy or rent, you should be aware Seven Lakes Landowners is a Deed-Restricted Community.  These covenants help to protect property values and the quality of life for residents of this community. SLLA is in charge of enforcement of the deed restrictions and has an active Architectural Design Review Committee. 
Upcoming Events
How fortunate we are to live in Seven Lakes! The beauty of this Community is admired by many who live within and outside of our North and South Gates.
Friday, May 25th to Saturday, September 1st

  Curb Appeal Awards
How fortunate we are to live in Seven Lakes! The beauty of this Community is admired by many who live within and outside of our North and South Gates.
It takes a multitude of Residents, Employees and Volunteers to keep up the appearance of the Seven Lakes, Homes and Properties.
It is time once again to recognize all the Residents of Seven Lakes for the fifth year, with the annual “Curb Appeal Award!" It is very important that all Residents show off the beauty and maintenance of their Homes and Yards for others to recognize and
enjoy! "The Curb Appeal Award" will be issued during the months of June, July and August! The Standards Committee wants to Recognize all the Residents of Seven Lakes, North and South, as "The Community With Curb Appeal!"
The Standards Committee
4th of July Activities
Monday, June 18th to Thursday, July 5th
4th of July Activities
The annual boat parade will begin at 10:00 am.  Decorated boats should line up at the Sequoia Lighthouse Island.

Fun family get together! 
At the Pool and Long Leaf park areas
 3x3 Basketball Tourney, Kayak, Paddle Board, Pool Family games/Activities and Food
  3x3 Basketball:  1:30 pm until complete at B-ball court, two age
groups 12 and under and over 12
 Kayak/P-board Races:  2:30 at Lake Long Leaf, buoyed course,
bring your own vessel (some may be provided)
 Pool Family Activities and games:  12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at the Pool
 North Club House: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chips and Water  from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm
 Looking for volunteers to cook, serve, and oversee activities
(1 to 2-hour shifts), Contact the SLLA office to volunteer.




                Address: 143 Shenandoah W.

                      West End, NC 27376


Phone #: 910-673-4738

Please leave a message if we can’t get to the phone right away. We will call you back as soon as we can. Thanks!


Hours: (Closed Monday’s)

10:00AM-6:00PM during week

10:00AM-5:00PM during weekend

Starting June 4th, summer hours will be seasonal from 8:00AM-3:00PM



Stable Fees, effective  03/01/2016


Guest  of Member

20 minute pony ride



30 minute pasture ride



1 hr guided trail ride



30 minute basic group lesson



1 hr advanced group lesson



1 hr advanced group lesson (package of   4)




  • Camp outside
  • Trail Ride during weekends
  • Lessons during week
Recent News
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Celebrate Independence Day at Seven Lakes Landowner’s Sequoia Point. Fireworks will begin at 9:30 pm.
During the fireworks display – for safety reasons- boaters and spectators need to maintain a 400’ radius from the launch zone at Sequoia Point. 
Canopies are allowed only in the designated area and must be removed each evening over the weekend.
Sofas, upholstered furniture and like items may not be brought to the point. 
Personal grills are not allowed on common area property.
Personal fireworks are not allowed.
Items left overnight may be removed by the SLLA staff.
Boats in the Sequoia Point boat slips should be moved to ensure that they are not damaged by the fireworks.  If you have a boat docked at the boat slips, please move your boat by 10:00 pm on Monday, July 2rd.  

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the Sequoia Point Dam roadway will be closed to vehicular traffic from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm. The Echo Dam roadway will be closed to vehicular traffic from 9:15 pm to approximately 10:15 pm.
The SLLA has spent $2,400 in April and $7,000 in May removing yard debris.
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The SLLA has spent $2,400 in April and $7,000 in May removing yard debris.
Please remind your landscapers that they are not to use this site.

To gain access into the facility a vehicle barcode will be required. Only residents and lot owners of the Community are permitted to use the facility for personal use. Landscapers, contractors, yard workers, and similarly engaged persons hired to provide services for residents are not permitted entry. Only members in “good standing” will be allowed access to the site. Barcodes of members not in good standing (accounts 60 days or more in arrears) will be deactivated. Renter’s Barcodes will be deactivated if the member/owner is not in good standing. Before a barcode is de-activated a 15-day notice will be sent to the member and if applicable to the renter. Facility access will be restricted for vehicles exceeding ¾ tons in capacity weight.

This weekend is the start of summer, please be careful on the lake and in the pool.
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This weekend is the start of summer, please be careful on
the lake and in the pool.

8.3.1    All swimming, whether at parks, in the community pool, or elsewhere will be at the swimmer's own risk.

  1. No person should swim or dive alone in any lake.   Diving is strictly prohibited from any community property except for designated  
              areas in the community swimming pool. (amended 9/24/08)
8.3.3    Swimming is not permitted in the area of any boat launching ramp or in the area of the boat slips owned by the Association on Lake Sequoia.  Swimming at Sequoia Point is permitted only within the swimming area designated with floating markers and from the north side of the gazebo.  (amended 12/16/09)

8.4       BOATING
8.4.1       SAFETY
      Recognizing that a wide variety of recreational activities, including fishing, sailing, waterskiing, swimming, cruising, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating and SCUBA diving are enjoyed on our relatively small lakes, safety for all of us is of prime importance. Common sense, general courtesy, and compliance with SLLA Boating Rules by all people on the lakes is the key to a safe environment.    All boats must operate in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes and regulations, except for numbering requirements.    Every boat, powered or non-powered, must have a Personal Floatation  Device (PDF) aboard for each person in the boat.   Any person under 13 years of age must be wearing a PFD.    Any boat operating after sunset must use regulation running lights. Headlights may only be used during docking.

  1. All gas powered boats must have aboard a fire extinguisher and a signaling device (horn or whistle).    The maximum speed limit when operating outside of the Sequoia ski area, within 150 ft. of shore, or after sunset is 5 mph.    Non-power boats, including sailboats under sail, always have the right-of-way.    Littering will not be tolerated. 

Seven Lakes Landowners Association Pool Opens May 01, 2018.
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Seven Lakes Landowners Association
Pool Opens May 01, 2018.
SLLA access cards will be required for admittance to the swimming pool.
 The pool will be closed for maintenance Monday- Friday from 8:30am -9:30 am.
Swim at your own risk, no lifeguards will be on duty.
Pool attendants have the authority to enforce all rules/regulations.
Message from Steve Hudson the Safety and Security Director.
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Message from Steve Hudson the Safety and Security Director.

Steve Hudson, Safety and Security Director, said he was sorry he could not get this passed.  He said when he first took office residents told him they wanted something to be done about speeding. When he spoke to the Sheriff’s office they told him 3 things work for speeding, speed bumps, Radar and raising the speed limit.  His committee put forth 2 proposals, speed bumps in the January Board meeting and Radar use in this meeting, both have been voted down.
When owners dump trash in yard debris area it cost the HOA money
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Friendly Reminder

When owners dump trash in yard debris area it cost the HOA money. We regularly have people disposing of items that shouldn't  be in the Yard debris site. We have to pay for labor to sort these items out, and pay a higher cost for their disposal.
SLLA Stables 2018 Summer Camp
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 SLLA Stables 2018 Summer Camp
  • Open to members & their guests ages 5-18
  • Instruction includes barn safety, general horsemanship & basic riding skills
  • Four sessions per age group to choose from, camp runs rain or shine
  • The four day camp is $75.00, full payment is required to hold a space
  • Pay by check at the Landowners Office
  • Jeans (close fitting) and tennis shoes or boots required
  • A change of clothes is suggested since some sessions will include water games
  • Helmets will be provided, please send water and a snack with your camper
  • Sign-up limited to members and immediate family members until May 15th
  • Members can sponsor friends after May 18th
Camp  Ages  5-8
  • Four Sessions to choose from:
June 12- June 15                                              
June 19 -June 22
June 26- June 29
 July 10- July 13
  • Camp hours each week are:
Tuesday         10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Wednesday    12:30 PM-2:30 PM
Thursday       10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Friday           12:30 PM-2:30AM

Camp  Ages  9 - 18
  • Four Sessions to choose from:
June 12 –June 15
June 19 -June 22
June 26-June 29
July 10-July 13
  • Camp hours each week are:
Tuesday         12:30 PM-2:30 PM
Wednesday   10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Thursday       12:30 PM-2:30 PM
Friday            10:00 AM-12:00 PM
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3.7     Golf carts (electric or gasoline) are allowed on Community roads in accordance with the terms of House Bill 1686, dated August 19, 2002, and subject to the following provisions:
          3.7.1  All golf carts, excepting Seven Lakes Golf Club golf carts, must be registered with the Landowners’ Association annually. The fee is $10 if registered on or before May 15th and $25 thereafter.  Newly purchased golf carts may be registered for $10 within 15 days of purchase. Annual SLLA stickers will be visible from the front of the golf cart; on the driver’s side windshield. If the golf cart does not have a windshield the sticker must be placed so it is visible from the front of the golf cart.
          3.7.2  All golf carts must be operated by licensed drivers.
          3.7.3  Owners must obtain, and keep current, liability insurance on their golf carts.

3.7.4  Golf carts may be operated during daylight hours only, unless they are equipped with headlights and tail lights.
3.7.5  Golf carts shall be operated in a safe manner, and all passengers shall be seated at all times. No person will be towed behind a golf cart.
SLLA has a new pony! His name is Nugget.
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We have a new pony! His name is Nugget.  He is 8 years old and 12.2 hands tall.  He comes to us from a lesson program in Williamson, NC.  We will put him to work on pony rides, trails, and lessons.  He is a fun little guy who can really move.  If you would like to meet him, please call the barn to set up a good time to say hello.                                                 
Starting this year you can mail in your boat registration
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Requirements for Registering a Boat


  • Individual must be a Member of SLLA and current on all assessments due to SLLA on all lots owned.
  • Copy of proof of ownership (Title/Bill of Sale) on all new vessels being registered showing make, model#, and serial #.
  • Proof of liability insurance for all powerboats and sailboats.
  • Insurance must be in the name of the member and include boat description(s).
  • All boats must be registered, or listed with the front gate, prior to entering the community; regardless of whether they are allowed or intended to be used on the lake.
Here is the link to the form:
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